Finding info on great grandparents Bayarsky in Belarus (Grodno? Minsk?) #belarus

Karen Heller Key

I am trying to find records regarding the deaths of my grandparents, Avram Elia Bayarsky and Nechama Shapiro Bayarsky and their children and grandchildren who lived in a small village called something like Szewoholodwicz - I’ve been told it was in the Minsk gubernia near Slutsk, though I also have reason to believe it was near Grodno. We were told that the family was taken out and shot in the woods near their farm - a neighbor wrote my grandmother after the war. We don’t have the letter, unfortunately. My grandmotther and four siblings came to the US between 1910 and 1920, but apparently many siblings and their parents remained in Belarus / Russia (depending on the report). I’ve found out a great deal about my great grandmother’s family, the Shapiros, but nothing about my great grandfather’s, though I have a photo of him. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Karen Heller Key
Washington, DC

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