Seeking information about Jews Serving in the KK Landsturm #galicia

Deborah Dworski

I obtained a marriage record which noted the groom's assignment to the
KK Landsturm District Command No. 36 in Kolomea on January 1, 1902.
I'd be grateful for any information about this military unit and its
function. Was it common for Jews to serve in this capacity? Might this
snippet of information lead to any records pertaining to the individual or
the unit itself?

According to family lore, the groom died 10-15 years after marrying
when he was grazed by a Russian bullet and subsequently developed
blood poisoning. I don't know exactly when he died, but it was likely
during WWI. With this unexpected news of military service, I'm now
wondering if he might have been wounded during combat. I'd appreciate
any thoughts about this possibility.

Please respond privately.

Deborah Dworski

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