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Dahn Cukier

At one company I am told I have 92% Ashkanazi, 5% N.Africa and 3%
Italian ancesrty. At another company I am 100% European Jewish.

I can trace 3 of 4 families back over 150 years - Ashkanzi. The third I share
DNA with a second cousin, she does not have Italian ancestors in her DNA.

DNA is an assumption and should not be trusted with a people who have
been on the move for 2000 years. DNA is modern and can be traced who
lives in a location NOW. As more people share their DNA and family trees,
the mix of ancestry changes.

I suspect that my N. African DNA is from someone who married a Ottoman
soldier  or trader. Where I have Italian DNA is a question, this is the first
time my DNA has been so specific, but 3%......

Dahn Cukier

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On Wednesday, January 13, 2021, 5:30:28 PM GMT+2, Josh Feingold <joshfeingold@...> wrote:

Hi there.  I am trying to see if I have sephardic descent, and am not exactly sure where to start. 
Looking at my DNA, it showed I am 99.5% Ashkanazi and .5% from what is now Turkey.  I can go back a few generations, but don't really know how to attach my family tree to the work that others have done.  Is there anyone here who would be willing to help me with that a little?  My best guess (looking at family last names) is that there is a Milgrom in one branch of the family tree, but in truth, I guess it could be anywhere.
Thanks for your help!
Josh Feingold

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