Re: Looking for inform on Marguerite (Margaretha) HAUPTMANN, HOFFMAN, OFFMAN, or KAUFMAN b. 1698 Baden-Wurttemberg, Gemany d. 1760 in Picardie, France married to Martin Mayer (Mair, Meyer) #france

Reuven Mohr

Baden Wuerttemberg is a term which did not exist till ~1950.
Wuerttemberg did exist, but in very limited borders, and as you say, with few Jewish families. But there were many rural communities in the areas which became later (~1805) the kingdom of Wuerttemberg.
It is very difficult to research Jewish genealogy for 17-18th cent. without knowing an exact location.
The chance that Jews in such rural communities would have had names like the ones you mention is close to zero.
Reuven Mohr

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