Re: Seeking information about Jews Serving in the KK Landsturm #galicia

Phyllis Kramer

Deborah Dworski posted:

<<I obtained a marriage record which noted the groom's assignment to
the KK Landsturm District Command No. 36 in Kolomea on January 1,
1902. I'd be grateful for any information about this military unit and its
function. Was it common for Jews to serve in this capacity? Might this
snippet of information lead to any records pertaining to the individual or
the unit itself? ...I'm now wondering if he might have been wounded
during combat. I'd appreciate any thoughts about this possibility.>>

Deborah: ANNO, part of the Austrian National Library, was creating a
database for wounded and dead soldiers >from World War one. I
transcribed almost 1000 records, but I don't know if the database is
ready yet. And yes, I saw Jewish names among the soldiers. I would
estimate 5-10%. We transcribed the soldier's name, town, year of birth,
unit, date of wound and hospital assigned or date of death. You can see
a sample at:

I just searched for more information and found that Logan Kleinwaks has
more info on his site at

Hope this helps.

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