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Hi David,
I noticed your very generous offer to assist in efforts to identify family in France from 1900 on. I've been researching members of my family that I believe moved to Paris in
approximately the early 1910's
 from Brody (then in Poland). My information is quite sketchy, and so far, I haven't had any success. 
Here are the persons/business that I have identified:
1. Bernard Sprung -- date of birth and death unknown. Most likely born in Brody. He had a brother named Schulim (my great grandfather), who was born in Brody in 1859
and died in the Holocaust. His parents were Chuneh and Rivke. His wife's name is unknown. He had two daughters, Bertha and Jeanette.  
2. Yitzhak Sprung -- brother of Bernard and Schulim. Date of birth and death unknown. Most likely born in Brody. His wife was Ronith and had children named Bertha,
Emanuel and Rachel.
3. Sprung Freres -- I believe that Bernard and Yitzhak were furriers and had a business named Sprung Freres. There is still a Paris business named Sprung Freres: I don't know whether it's the same business as the one owned by Bernard and Yitzhak.

I consulted with the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. They suggested that I contact the Ministère des Affaires étrangères, OFPRA, and the
National Archives. They gave me contact information for each of these institutions. I have not contacted them, because I don't speak French and I live in Washington, D.C.
I'd be very grateful for any assistance you could provide, including directing me to resources that I could access myself online.   
Peter C. Sprung

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