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David Choukroun

Hello Peter, 
1. Bernard SPRUNG is known under Ber SPRUNG name, born the 05/04/1865 @ Brody

Bernard married Gitel Esther FRIEDEL (born around 1868) and they had at least Berthe SPRUNG ( Born the 24 Oct 1890 @ Paris 4ieme, Deceased the 22 March 1948 @ Clichy)
Berthe married a Mr Judel ERTHMANN the 07 April 1910 @ Paris 10ieme
I suspect that Jeannette SPRUNG is known under the name Jeanne SPRUNG who married Marcus STEINBOCK in 1922 in Paris (to be proven with the Clichy census (not Paris) 
I am sending to you all the acts and one exceptional piece that is a military records for Bernard  (with the names of the parents : Chone  SPRUNG x Rebecca CHAYA

Bernard came in France in 1904

2. Isaac SPRUNG is known as Isaac Karlmon SPRUNG

He married Ronie Lea KREMENER and they had at least : 
- Nathalie : ( 03 Jan 1895 Paris / 06 Nov 1982 @ Annemasse (Haute Savoie)) -- she married  Iona MERARIN in Paris 1917
- Rachel : (03 Jan 1895 Paris / 9 Jun 1980 à Maison Laffitte)  -- she married a Salomon ARONIVICI in Paris in 1922
- Emmanuel SPRUNG : (will check later)
I am sending you the acts in private , as well as the records from the Census at the various addresses
See the signature attached -- I always found those signature very nice

3- there is a database (microfilm) where the aryanisation of (most of ) the jewish companies are captured
We will find the names of the administrator who took the lead, the bank who took the money and other ugly details 
Microfilm available @ Archives Nationale in France.  Will help to chase this one as well

As you can see :  The Sprung family in France can be found with all the details via various sources
I have captured several naturalisation file references that might help you to consolidate the full family -- this will provide tons of details for sure

Best regards
David Choukroun 




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