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Kevin Brook


In a sentence in my last message (#654734) -- "My take on the DNA segments I found shared by Sicilian Catholics and Ashkenazic Jews, which are not common, is that one of the Sicilian Converso men escaped to the east then he or a child went northeast." -- I meant to write "north" instead of "northeast".

And I should clarify that the above is an explanation for their *non-Sephardic* DNA segments that are shared between Ashkenazim and Sicilians but not with Hispanics nor with Sephardim, to distinguish from the Sephardic DNA segments that Sicilians can also share with us. A Sephardic Jewish segment originated in Iberia, not Sicily, but can still be shared with Sicilians. A Sicilian Jewish segment originated in Sicily.

As far as the verification processes I alluded to, they are called triangulation and phasing.

Kevin Brook

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