Re: German labor camps/detention centers in 1933-34 #germany #holocaust

Andreas Schwab

For the Neustadt camp there is a memoria site in German), its web site is here:
there is a lis of inmates here:
They have more information such as interviews with survivors and historical research, not all online, so maybe worth contacting.
For Obermoschel, there is not much information except that it was a "civil" labor camp. It is mentioned in the book:
Krause-Schmitt, U., Kaiser, A., Weinmann, M., International Tracing Service. (2001). Das nationalsozialistische Lagersystem =: (CCP). 4. Aufl. Frankfurt am Main: Zweitausendeins.
I did not consult the book because it is not available online, but it could be in some university library. As far as I could find out it lists only the name.
Presumably this was one of the many mini-camps were only a few inmates were detained to work for one company or local authority.
If you have not already done so, contact the Arolsen Archives (formerly ITS).

Andreas Schwab, Montreal, Canada

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