Greater Houston Jewish Genealogical Society Sponsoring Research Workshops by Michael Moritz #announcements

Stefani Elkort Twyford

The Greater Houston Jewish Genealogical Society is inviting the public to the following virtual workshop:


WHAT, WHERE, & HOW – Introduction to primary databases in the U.S. for genealogical research, and some unique challenges for Jewish genealogy

Not sure where to start your family research? Hit a brick wall and need more information but not sure where to find it? Join to find out! In this 8-hour workshop series, noted genealogist, Michael Moritz, will introduce us to a variety of different databases available for mining in the U.S., where valuable information about our family history can hide in plain sight. His review will include databases at the federal, state and even local levels.


Next, Michael will narrow his focus to databases that house specific information relevant for Jewish family research. He will shed some light on Jewish naming conventions that can inhibit our search of long-lost family ties, and will follow with discussing strategies to overcome challenges posed by the ever-fluid geopolitical map of Europe to our family-tracing efforts.


For more detailed information about the resources that will be covered in this workshop and to register, please visit our website. Or you can register here 



Prior knowledge is not mandatory for participating, and everyone will gain a great deal of valuable information out of this session.

Stefani Elkort Twyford
Researching: Siegal/Segal, Spiel, Tarle, Ilkovics, Feiermann, Kronenberg, Szerman, Kletzel, Ricker/Ricken

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