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Mark Gilby

I live within a short distance of the National Archives at Kew.  The UK naturalisation records are held there in a series of large volumes.  Names of people recorded in these volumes are indexed through the national archives' Discovery search page - which provides the reference within these records.  For example HO334/108 (volume) and 16434 (page number).

When the Archives are open, I visit at least once per month.  I am allowed 10 volumes per day visit, but rarely order a full series of 10.  Therefore, I am willing to look up records for others whilst I am there.  Send me the record reference (eg HO334/108/16434) and surname (Kauffman) and I will do my best. 

No fees.  That is, whilst the Archive continue to allow research at no cost, I will not charge either.

Mark Gilby

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