Call for Papers (Abstract Proposal System) #galicia

Dan Oren <iajgs2018@...>

The IAJGS 2018 Warsaw Conference is delighted to announce that the
Call-for-Papers (Abstract Proposal System) will be open for submittals
from 15 Nov 2017 through 31 Dec 2017. We will issue a formal
announcement when the actual opening occurs, but here is a brief
description of the types of presentations that we will be looking for:

1) Presentations: A one-hour timeslot dedicated to about 45 minutes
of lecture with about 15 minutes of question & answers, with PowerPoint,
film or other illustrative component.

2) Short Presentations: A 30-minute timeslot dedicated to a 20-minute
presentation on a novel genealogy research project that you are working
on that could benefit others: a slide show of your visit to a shtetl; or the
explanation of how you accomplished a genealogy special find (like how
you found your grandparents' marriage record when everyone said it
couldn't be done).

Note: It may be preferable for a BOF (Birds of a Feather Group) to forgo
having a BOF meeting this summer and instead use this 30-minute format
for a meeting of Landsleit to share a previous or prepare for an upcoming
shtetl trip.

3) Computer Workshop: A 2-hour program dedicated to a guided tour
of and training on how to use a website, function or software application
on a computer.

4) Panel Discussion: A one-hour timeslot dedicated to combining
several people or topics in an interactive format between panelists, such
as a discussion among experts in a related field.

This conference will take place in Warsaw; however, the presentations
most sought after might be focused on Resources, Empires, Jewish
Culture/History and Keepers of Jewish Communal Memory or Historic
Sites in Central and Eastern Europe.

The Program Committee will accept approximately 120 one-hour
lectures/panels and approximately 50 short presentations. The Abstract
Proposal System will be linked to the Conference home page when the
time comes. Stay tuned!

Dan Oren
Listserv Communications liaison for the IAJGS August 5-10, 2018 Warsaw
Conference Program Committee

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