Re: Immigrant ships that never made it to America #general

Jill Whitehead

There are common stories amongst descendants of UK Jews that they had intended to go onto USA but never got there. Mine all arrived between 1865 and 1875 in Hull or Leith on the East Coast of Britain, having travelled across the Baltic, likely from Konigsberg or Libau, and by all accounts, they came by sailing ship before the advent of steamships.

The reasons given for not continuing onto USA include sea sickness (I get very seasick and can imagine this), being given the wrong ticket in the old country, being robbed on arriving in Britain, and intending to have a break in Britain to save money for part 2 of the journey, but  not needing to/wanting to or being able to afford the new journey. 

However significant numbers of my father's family emigrated a second time in and around 1905, when the UK Aliens Act came in, having been in the UK for 30-40 years, and having married and raised children in the UK.  Put quite simply, those who had naturalised did not migrate a second time, but those who had not bothered to naturalise (it was expensive) did go onto USA in 1905. Naturalized citizens did not need to report to police etc, under the Act, but those who had not become British Citizens, were subject to monitoring and controls. 

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

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