Looking for Zalman FLESER / FLESERIS / FLESHER / FLEISER #lithuania

Denise Fletcher

My great-uncle Zalman was born on 7 March 1893 in Prienai, Marijampole (Suwalki Gubernia) to Yankel-Mendel and Pesha-Freida Fleser (born Bialobrodka).  He was the second youngest of 10 children, 8 of whom we know left Lithuania before 1930.  Six of his siblings went to the UK:  Basha, Woolf, David (Davis), Leah, Max and Hasha (Kate).  Two of them, Benjamin and Morris, went to South Africa.  A sister, Feige, remained in Lithuania and perished in the Holocaust.  There is a possibility that Zalman applied for an Internal Passport in Prienai on 20 November 1931, as such a record exists, but it's List Only, so we have no further information.  He also isn't listed in the Yad VaShem database.
If anybody recognises any of these details about Zalman and knows what happened to him, we would be very keen to know.  My email is dfletcheroz@...
Denise Fletcher, Sydney Australia

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