Database of diaries and letters #russia #translation


I found what looks like an amazing resource - it is a collection of diaries from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, dating from the 1800s to the present.

In theory it is searchable, but the search engine won't work in English translation. I've Google Translated some of the individual diary entries and they are fascinating.

(I'm trying to find diaries that:
a) will give me a sense of everyday life for regular folk in the early 1900s. Particularly interested in anything from Minsk in the 1900 - 1914 period , and
b) anywhere in Russia during the civil war (1917-1919). I'd love to get diaries by soldiers who were on the Bolshevik side. (Most diaries I can find are told from the perspective of the Whites, not the Reds.
It is so frustrating that I can't get the search engine to work. )
Tema Frank
Edmonton, Canada

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