Translation request from Polish #galicia

Pauline Crump <pauline@...>

Dear Siggers

I have posted 2 pages of a letter on ViewMate, at the following addresses:

I think that the letter confirms that my father (Jan Josef LIKIER)
received Austrian Nationality when my grandfather (originally Mojzesz
Aron Selig ABRAHAMER, but known as Moritz Likier, who was born in
Podgorze) registered after the 1st World War. I hope that it gives a
reference of this registration, but I suspect it just quotes the reference
for the relevant legislation. As my father subsequently travelled to
England on a stateless 'Nansen' passport, I am trying to confirm what
his nationality was. If anybody can help, I would be most grateful.

Pauline Crump
Weymouth UK
researching ABRAHAMER and LIKIER

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