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Bernard Miller

My experience is similar. The test was done with MyHeritage and I uploaded the results to FTDNA.
My genealogical research had found thousands of Sephardic blood relatives (my mother's side) and a handful of Ashkenazi (my father's side) and I expected the DNA results to reflect this.
The initial results with MyHeritage were approximately 95% Ashkenazi, 3% North African and 1% West African.
The initial results with FTDNA were 98% Ashkenazi, 1% North African and 1% East African.
Then for a period FTDNA showed 100% Ashkenazi and MyHeritage was around 98% Ashkenazi.
FTDNA still shows 100% Ashkenazi. MyHeritage, with much fanfare, has reverted to it original 95% Ashkenazi, 3% North African and 1% West African.
Unfortunately the figures do not reflect my genealogical research where I have a few found dozen Ashkenazi blood relatives but a few thousand Sephardic blood relatives.
Where I have managed to track DNA matches genealogically, I have found half a dozen Ashkenazi and several hundred Sephardi.
The latest FTDNA map shows a bubble over parts of Europe from which I have virtually no identified relatives but absolutely none of the area from which I have identified hundreds. Virtually all my blood relatives come from Western West and Southern Europe, the British Isles, Portgual, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany and Denmark. The FTDNA bubble doesn't come anywhere near there being resolutely positioned over Eastern Europe.
So for now I ignore their guesses at my origins and wait for the databases to change.
Bernard Miller

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