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On Fri, Jan 22, 2021 at 10:05 PM, Fig, Lorraine wrote:
I see that it's also possible from a link to the website provided by Michael Tobias to request a copy of military service records.  My Great-great Uncle was in the British Army in WW I. The form requires one to fill in the Service Number of a deceased person, which I do not have.  Where would I be able to obtain that?  Any ideas?
Many thanks!
Lorraine Fig Shapiro

Most British WW1 soldiers had medals and should have medal cards. Search using the form at  .   It does not matter if you don't know his service number - the search works without this information.  If the search dos not provide any results for you then that means he did not serve under that name (or the spellling you are using) or was not awarded any medals.  Try just putting in only his surname, or perhaps possible spelling variants of the just the surname.
Less than 50% of the service and pension files survived.  You need to search on for these.

Laurence Harris
London, England

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