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Service Numbers are known usually only by that person, I doubt if any family member would know it.  I think your best bet is to find any item such as a mess tin upon which that number may have been stamped.   In the British Army campaign medals (but not WW1) are given with the recipient's name and number.  Other places which might have it are any ex-service organisation of which he was a member or the regimental association.  If he died on Active Service then AJEX, the British Jewish Ex-service person's organisation may have it from their book of Jews who died in the services in WW1.  Other than that, when we can all travel freely, as part of a holiday in the UK you could visit the National Archive at Kew (in London) and do your own manual search; I have done that to find information about dead relatives and that only requires the name.

David Harrison, Birmingham UK
Searching in London, UK, the Netherlands and Friesland for VAN RYN,  DE YOUNGE, DRIELSMA, DUPARC, DUQUE, HYMAN, MYERS,PIMONTEL, ROCO and SREPHANY. 

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I see that it's also possible from a link to the website provided by Michael Tobias to request a copy of military service records.  My Great-great Uncle was in the British Army in WW I. The form requires one to fill in the Service Number of a deceased person, which I do not have.  Where would I be able to obtain that?  Any ideas?
Many thanks!
Lorraine Fig Shapiro
Ann Arbor, MI

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