Seeking daughter of Gabriel and Allegra Lecker in Israel #israel

Myra Fournier

Gabriel Lecker was the step-uncle of my cousin Wolfgang Klappholz (born March 5, 1934 in Magdeburg, Germany).
Gabriel's sister Else was the second wife of Wolfgang's father Alfred Klappholz, so Wolfgang's stepmother.
Else and Alfred perished in Auschwitz in 1944, but Wolfgang was sent to an orphanage and then was in the care of Gustav Dehne and his wife in Magdeburg.
He was known to have survived the war, but no contact was made after 1947.
Both Gabriel and Allegra (nee: Shol-El) Lecker are deceased, but I was hoping that their daughter (name unknown) might know what happened to Wolfgang.
I would also like to make her acquaintance because she is an in-law.

Thank you.

Myra Fournier

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