Tracing my GGF's first wife #general

Harlan Weller

I am trying to solve the mystery of my GGF's first wife.  This is the information that I have to work with (although it is not 100% reliable, as I am jumping to some conclusions by interpreting passenger lists)

My GGF Abraham Cohen, travelled alone from Lazdijai to NYC in 1888 (via Hamburg)
His first wife travelled from Lazdijai with 6 children in 1892.  The passenger list refers to her as Peshe Cohen (and there is an inconsistency with the fact that the youngest children were born after 1888, so I am not entirely sure I have the right record)
The marriage record for the oldest of these children refers to his mother's name as Anna Mabish
My GGF married his second wife in January 1893 in Louisville..

Assuming that my GGF was a bigamist, that means either
1. .  His first wife died after she came in 1892, or
2.     They were divorced.

I am hoping someone on this board can give me direction to follow.  For example, does anyone know of Divorce records from that era?


Harlan Weller


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