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Yossi Jalas

I am researching my family's Krakow roots and have two questions regarding extant records from Krakow.

1) How would I go about requesting the Krakow Archiwum for certain scans from the "Krakow Kataster" records? Do they have an index?
Do they release these records upon request?

2) I have located many documents and photographs of family members living in the Krakow Ghetto in 1940-1941 in a) "Starosta Miasta Krakowa (Sygn. 450). Wykazy dowὀdow osobistych (Kennkartenlisten) wydanych Żydom" located on the JHI-Ringelblum website, b) "Karty Rejestracyjne Żydow Krakowskich (Sygn. 218/34/1-264)" searchable via the USHMM website. The problem is that records for certain people are missing even though I know they were in the ghetto until sometime in 1941 when they show up on the outbound transit lists. Are there more records in these collections that are not accessible online? Are there are any other records from the Ghetto extant?

Any help & pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Yossi Jalas - USA

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