Trying to find information on GGP #poland


I am at a stand still with searching for GGP, David, Dawid, Aleksandrowicz, last known residence Rudniki Wielun Poland, There was a butcher store that was owned by my family that was taken by the Nazis.  Esther Hanna nee Skorupa, Aleksandrowicz.  5 children, 2 of them survived, my grandfather Yakov,Jakob, Jack, Aleksandrowicz, my uncle Godel Aleksandrowicz.  I can find plenty on thoses 2 but the great grands I am stumped.  I do get results on a lot of the same names without any B dates or D dates.  I have found family connected to ggm from Zelow Poland, Kifer, Kiffer, hair dressers and midwives. 
Any help is welcomed
Paulette Turner

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