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Hi to you all 
I am trying to find a kosher butcher from around the 1959--1963 probably after 1963 Catford possibly Stansted Road area this gentleman would also have given a court statement in March 1963 around the 1st to 6th the case involved the adoption of
Peter John Bird born 31/12/1961 mothers name on birth certificate Margaret Aileen Bird
cafe propritress 312 Stansted road
They had myself adopted to(by) Henry David dean
Ivy May Dean of 126 douglas way Deptford
Official Court stamp mark Lamberth County court
It was a private adoption as Margaret knew ivy all this happened around the time of Patsy cline death as my adoption court case was in the papers and a passed relative of ivy remembered that. 
This Butcher would if still alive today would be in his 90s
Any help however small might help
Anthony john Dean (Peter Bird)
Weston hills 

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