Re: Deportations in Poland during nazi occupation #holocaust #poland


Hello Jorge,
I am not sure if you were referring to the August 1939 deportation to Zbaszyn of Polish citizens living in Germany.
You can read about it here:

"On October 27, 1938, German authorities began arresting Jews of Polish citizenship living in the Reich and transporting them to the Polish border. Responding to a Polish decree that all passports of Polish residents abroad would be rescinded by the end of October unless a special permit for reentry to Poland was received, the Germans preempted the Polish government by forcibly deporting thousands of Jews across the border into Poland."

I have a relative that was deported to Zbaszyn and so far we were not able to find any trace of him. There are some documents that I found at the JDC Archive while searcing by name at

Good Luck.
Yonat Klein
Syracuse NY

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