Re: Maisons-Laffitte internment camp #france

Paul Gottlieb

My GGF and GF were Galizianer, immigrating with an Austrian citizenship to France in 1925.Thus they have been submitted to these laws concerning German & Austrian citizens as soon WWII started in September 1939.I had never heard neither read about Maisons-Laffitte camp before your post.

Dear Bernard,
Thank you for your kind response. I believe my father, Maximilian Gottlieb, was required to register at Maisons-Leffitte as an enemy alien as the war began (he was living in Paris), but he was held there for a relatively short time. By February, he obtained his visa at the American embassy in Bordeaux, and he left for the US in March. Of course, anything else you find would be most appreciated.
Perhaps you saw an earlier post of mine asking if anyone know about a membership card that he had for the so-called "Legion Etrangere Civile de France". (Sorry don't know how to type accent marks.) It was an association registered under the 1901 law,
but the only reference I can find (after quite extensive research) is the notice of that association in the Official Journal. My guess is that he tried to use that card to gain, or to maintain, his freedom. 
Thank you.
Paul Gottlieb

Thank you for your assistance.
Paul Gottlieb

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