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Jane Neff Rollins

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I took a quick look through this site to get a sense of what is included. Judging by surnames (yes, I know many Jews Russified their names for self-protection), most diaries in the collection were kept by non-Jews. There are nearly 7000 individuals under the Russian tab, 131 individuals under the Ukraine tab, and 59 under the Belarussian tab. Most diarists were born after 1900, were artists/writers/journalists/scientists/engineers/military members and kept their diaries during World War II. There were several by witnesses to the Leningrad Blockade, one by a woman who volunteered as a sister of mercy during World War I, and the diaries of the composers Robert and Clara Schuman and the writers Lev Tolstoy, Anna Akhmatova, and Isaac Babel.  Each index entry has a link called Открыть профиль (open the profile). Some Profile entries also include a link to that individual’s Russian Wikipedia page. Scroll down in the profile to get to a section called Additional information; not all entries include this. The text here can be easily copied and pasted using Google Translate if you are using Firefox; or use Chrome which can automatically translate web pages.

Jane Neff Rollins
Montrose CA USA
Locations -- Surnames
Tiraspol -- Kishinevsky, Zeilikovich, Sirota
Slonim/Volkovysk/Svisloch -- Klebansky, Vatnik 
Berdichev -- Chernorudsky
Zhitomir -- Pekler, Gumenik, Gorlovsky, Garber

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