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David Oseas

I believe that the absolute cutoff is the end date of INS C-Files (March 31, 1956).  However, not all naturalization records are online.  For example, I was only able to obtain my great-grandfather's 1924 Milwaukee Circuit Court petition by contacting the Milwaukee Historical Society.

That said, it would be worth a try to search the FamilySearch catalog ( ).  Perform a keyword search using the name of the court (or county) and the word Naturalization (ex: Milwaukee Circuit Naturalization).  This will return all collections, digital and microfilm, held by the LDS library, and may include actual record
collections as well as index-only collections.  If the records that you are interested in aren't found in these collections, then they are probably not online.

Note that many of the record collections returned by a catalog search are still unindexed:  you can view images, but can't search for a person's name.  Some collections are restricted access and can only be viewed at a Family History Center, once they re-open.

David Oseas

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