Niepolomice Books of Residents #galicia

Howard Fink

I am pleased to announce that JRI-Poland has just added a new
collection to our online database. Niepolomice is a town located about
halfway between Krakow and Bochnia.

These records include the entries >from lists created at three different
times: 1870, 1881 and 1891. Entries for some people were inserted
during the in-between years, as necessary, for instance a child born in
1875 was added to the 1870 list with his birthdate. A comment in our
match results will indicate each person whose record appeared to
have been added later.

Each match will include all the members of that household in our
indexed results (even if the surnames are different).

Researchers will also get a link to an image of the actual page in the
record book for every person matched in our online database.

A list of the surnames, and the quantity of times they appear, is
available here:

This project was funded by earlier contributions, so there is no
qualifying amount necessary to access the records. We do have other
Bochnia area projects underway, including Books of Residents >from
Nowy Wisnicz. Please consider a contribution either to a specific
project or to our general fund in order to help us keep more of these
projects coming to you!

Howard Fink
Bochnia Archives Coordinator
Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

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