Re: Cemetery Photos: Mt. Sharon Cemetery, Springfield, PA #usa #photographs

Steve Hamburg

I definitely second Fred Kolbrener's suggestion to check out the entries for Mount Sharon. I also highly-recommend becoming a member, as you may discover a number of family memorials that are already there but require someone more engaged (like a family member or friend) to step in and manage them. Yes, the site has its drawbacks, as Ken Ryesky pointed out, but I have generally found it to be an incredibly valuable resource. Thanks to FAG I was able to discover the graves of great-grandparents (and in my great-grandmother's case, her English first name and actual date of death) when family interviews and other research had come up with bupkis (e.g., the Death Certificate for my great-grandfather said he was buried at Mount Lebanon Cemetery, but there were no records of him at the cemetery's office). 

Even more germane in your case, I was able to connect with a major contributor (over 100K photos!) on FAG who lives in Delaware County and can almost certainly assist you. Please contact me directly and I'll give you her contact information, as I'm hesitant to share it in this forum. But users of FAG who frequently search in Delaware County cemeteries will no doubt already be familiar with her!


Steve Hamburg
Chicago, IL 

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