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Alan Greenberg

In all cases that I am aware of (including looking at all of the our Montreal burial database), Shea is short for Yehoshua. In Hebrew it is Yod Hey Vav Shin Ayin.

The English translation of Yehoshua is Joshua, but that doesn't mean he used it. People often picked names that they simply liked or felt comfortable with.

Falk/Falik is a known kinnui (nickname) associated with Yehoshua and it confirms the original Hebrew name. shows the name in English and Hebrew on the tomb of a famous Chief Rabbi of Montreal ( he spelled it Sheea).

Alan Greenberg

At 2021-01-27 03:24 PM, LM via wrote:
My mom recently died and I've been trying for the past few months to
get the spellings of her parents in Hebrew for her gravestone. I have
recordings of their Hebrew names, but I can't find someone who can
give me a decent Hebrew spelling based on that. My grandfather's name
sounded like Shea Folig and the people I've asked are giving me
spellings like Joshua in Hebrew. He was originally from Ungvar,
Hungary. His English name is Sam, so I don't think he as called
Joshua. I know where my grandparents' gravestones are (Beth Israel in
Woodbridge NJ), but I'm not in the area to be able to find out if
their Hebrew names might be on their gravestones. I really don't know
what to do. I would like to get my mom's gravestone finalized, but I
don't want her parents' names totally misspelled on it. Does anyone
have any recommendations? Thank you.

Laura Michaels

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