ZOOM on Sunday: The DNA of the Sephardic Diaspora - Early Evidence #sephardic #announcements

David Mendoza

Who are we? By popular demand, Adam Brown returns to discuss the current
state of knowledge on the origins of the Sephardim, how we fit together, and
how we fit within the wider Jewish world. He will provide an overview of the
field and will then focus on the Western Sephardim (the Spanish & Portuguese
Jews), and communities in Morocco and the Americas.

Adam will be joined by two other experts in the field, Michael Waas and
Raquel Levy-Toledano. We shall leave plenty of time for questions.

Adam asks that anyone who has questions about their DNA share their results
with his team at www.jewishdna.org. If you have not tested with
FamilyTreeDNA, you will need to first download your results from the other
site. Please help with this important project!

Come and join Sephardic World for our regular Zoom meeting this Sunday, 31
January 2021, 11am in LA, 2pm in New York, 7pm in London, 8pm in Paris and
9pm in Jerusalem. No charge for attending. Join us live on Facebook at:

Best wishes,

David Mendoza and Ton Tielen

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