Name of Cilevitz, Chilewitz, Chevitz finding surname..sound familiar? #names

Julian Chilewitz

I wonder who can help me to find out my proper surname. 
My father name on his Naturalization Paper was Chilewitz. His fathers name was Jankel Zilavitsch & his mothers name was Sara Hovitz. My sister says she was named after her witch was Saralayer.
He mentioned Cousins Dave Cilevitz & Max Skuy. Other names were Manya Lotkin, Janie Baum. Thats all he told us as his Intermediate Family were all killed. 
Had contact with Paul Cheifitz & he help me with my mothers family. 
Also Arlene Beare who found out the name Zilavitsch. 
I have been in contact with Ralph Cilevitz who says we are related.
I met Max Skuy at a Hebrew Order Of David Insteration & he patted me on the back & said hullo Cousin.
Julian Chilewitz 
South Africa. 
+2783 518 8887

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