FUHRER family from Galicia, Austria (likely Bystra) #galicia


I am searching for more information about the FUHRER family from Galicia, Austria. 
My grandfather was born Adolf Fuhrer in either Rybka or Bystra, Austria in 1894.  There is evidence that he also lived in Gorlice, Austria and in Czechoslovakia.  He emigrated to Newark, NJ in 1920 at the age of 25 under the name Adolf Goldman, later becoming Abe Goldman.  He owned a butcher shop on Prince St in Newark, New Jersey which was originally called Wynmizsner and Goldman Meats and later Goldman's Meat Market.  I believe he had at least 2 sisters who came to the US before him, Taube Fuhrer (later Tessie) who married Harry Hanson and also settled in Newark and Rose Fuhrer who married Harry Pencig settling in New York.  Abe, Tessie, and Rose's documents list their parents as Leib or Louis Fuhrer and Hinda or Hannah Goldman.  I do not have any evidence that Leib and Hinda ever emigrated.  I believe there also may have been a sister who married an Adolf Brucker and lived in Czechoslovakia.  Leib may have had a sister Anna who married Charles Englander and emigrated to Newark around 1892.  
I also have evidence of siblings named Joseph and Yetta Gelb who are cousins to Tessie, Abe and Rose.  Yetta (with her daughter Rose) and Joseph both emigrated to the US, settling in Newark.  Yetta was married to Mendel Fuhrer who died at a young age in Austria.  I believe that Joseph and Yetta's parents were Chana Fuhrer and Eber Gelb from Bystra.
Any information you have about this family would be much appreciated!
Susan Kim
Boise, Idaho

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