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Hi Vivs, 

Some observations regarding the birth places of the Russian family. 
This is indeed a strange case. Three different birth places in the naturalization papers and different places in the passenger manifests. 

About Benjamin, 
A) in his arriving documents and his WWii draft card his birth place/last residence was given Lubawa/Lubaw. I believe this is the place
B) in his naturalisation petition the name appears to be Gabess(Gabesz, Gabish etc.). I couldn't find a place with that name. 

About Rose and Sarah Lena, 
A) in their arriving documents their last residence was given as Wilna (gubernia). 
B) in the naturalization papers both Benjamin and Rose's birth place was in Poland, Russia. Strangely their daughters birth place was  in Russia alone.  Sarah Lena's birth place appears to be Assaretz. The only place I could find close to this name is this

The problem is that this place was in Minsk Gubernia. 
C) Rose's birth place seems to be Poshika or something like this. Again,  I couldn't find a place with 
such name. 

 I hope that all these will be helpful in some way. 

Giannis Daropoulos 


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