Pogroms: Which One Killed My Family? #poland #warsaw

Marilyn Robinson

According to my family history, my maternal gr. grandmother, Rebecca's ½ brothers (REICHMANs) lost their parents during a pogrom when they were very young.
Harry was born in 1868,
Louis was born 1874,
Max was born Aug. 1876 (possibly in Tomaszow/Tomashov), --his daughter was born in Petrokov, years later

My maternal grandmother (their ½ niece) said that she came from Warsaw; and her parents (Rebecca -mentioned above- & Solomon/Zalman were buried in the Washington Cemetery (Brooklyn, NY) "Congregation Ahava Achim Anshei Tamashauer Petrokow", Piotrkow Trybunalski, Poland burial society plots.

I know that there was a major pogrom in Warsaw in 1881. Is it possible that the parents would have been killed in the Warsaw pogrom, though they lived outside of Warsaw, or were there other pogroms in the area that had taken place around this timeframe, as well?? 
Marilyn Robinson

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