Help to digitize Nazi records from Arolsen Archives #holocaust #records


There is a group called Zooniverse who solicits volunteers to help with the scut work with a variety of projects. I have done things with them on the past, transcribing old naturalist cards, for example. They have a new project transcribing various intake cards from concentration camps that are physically held in Arolsen Archives. Many of the names have been indexed, but the details may not have been, such as birth dates, parents, spouses, and so on. I have been spending an hour or two a day on this, and have so far since monday run into about 5 people from Pruzana, my father-in-law's former community. It is valuable work. The link if you are interested isĀ
Each record is transcribed 3 times, and if there are inconsistencies, the experts take a look. Some are typed, some handwritten. (Tip: If you want to skip one because you can't read it at all, hit reload and a fresh record will replace it.)

Marijke Bekken

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