How to pay the Ukrainian Archives for research #ukraine

alan moskowitz

Using Google translate, I was able to request a search for a few documents at the Ukrainian archives.  I was bounced around to a few different archives and recently got a note indicating (I think) that some information was found, and they request a small payment (less than USA $20) to release the information.  However, the online translation of the document is not so precise and I cannot be certain if they found something, or whether this is for work still to be done.  I had requested clarification, ideally in English, multiple times but have not heard back.  They seem to have provide some account numbers, etc but again, trying to figure this out is impossible for me.  I even contacted the Ukrainian Consulate in NY as well as another organization but have not gotten what I need.  I know there are various payment transfer companies I can use for a reasonable fee, but need better clarity on the 'invoice' received and what action to take.

Does anyone have experience with this?   I can provide the document if needed

Thanks for any guidance.
Alan Moskowitz

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