Terkowsky, Russland on 1885 passenger manifest #general

Lee Jaffe

I'm hoping someone on this list might recognize the community referred to as Terkowsky, Russland on a 1885 steamship manifest sailing from Hamburg to Hull.  I've located a manifest record which may belong to my great-grandfather Joseph Schwartz:
Josef Schwarzstein. age 18, previous residence Terkowsky, Russland
bound for NYC via Hull via Liverpool
ship: Argo, departed 24 Nov 1885
Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 1.08.32 PM.png 

As this is the first potential clue I've found about where my great-grandfather came from, I am hoping to track down that locality in order to follow up.  However, Terkowsky is not a community listed in JewishGen's Town Finder.  I am pursuing other lines of inquiry – e.g., Town Finder produces 3 names using the "fuzziest" search option which I am looking into via KehilahLinks and other sources.  But I hoped perhaps the community name Terkowsky might ring a bell: there is nothing like the collective knowledge of a large group with hands-on experience in such cases. 

Thank you for whatever help you can provide, 

Lee Jaffe
Schwartz/Schwartzstein/Schwartzman - ?

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