Rabbinic dynasties #rabbinic

Gerson Sher

On Ancestry.com, I've come across some names that seem to be bits and pieces of rabbinic dynasty lineages. They are unusually marked by an image like this: 
Has anyone seen this? Does anyone know what is the source of these markings, who tracks them and puts them up? I'm guessing that they are of Hasidic origin but that's just a guess.

One odd thing about some entries in these lineages, especially the more ancient ones (they go back literally thousands of years) is that there are "photos" of the person. These are obviously not photos at all, but at best reconstructions. As such, they should have been labeled as such by the person who originally posted them. They show up in the trees of many folks who have come across these names, and in some cases with comments like, "amazing picture" etc. This is clearly bogus, and in turn, there's the old adage that where there's smoke, there's fire. It casts the whole tree into doubt. Personally, not knowing more about these lineage trees, I suspect that the links are genuine but the images are imaginary.

Gerson Sher
Washington, DC

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