Why was I told my mother's family were German Jews when they weren't? #austria-czech

Judy Kaufman <judykaufman7@...>

Growing up, I was told repeatedly that my mother's family were German Jews and my father's were Russian Jews, with the clear implication always being that German Jews were higher class.   In my genealogical research, I have documented that: my mother's father came from Galicia/Austrian Empire - Sokolow Malopolski in current day Poland; my mother's maternal grandfather came from Brest in current day Belarus; I can't determine where her maternal grandmother came from but all census data says she's from Russia ("Russia Poland" in one case).

My grandfather (b. 1884) from Sokolow Malopolski is listed on all the censuses as born in "Austria"  - did that somehow mutate into being "German"?  Was this common?  Did Galician Jews feel superior to "Russian" Jews?

Judy Leiderman Kaufman
Irvine, CA

LEIDERMAN (Khashchuvatye)
WEINSTEIN (Sokolow-Malopolski)
RASKIN (Chernigor)

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