JGS of Greater Orlando. Virtual meeting (free). How our Families Acquired Surnames in the Russian Empire. Tuesday, February 9, 7:00 pm Eastern Time. Speaker: Jeffrey Mark Paull #russia #announcements



February 9, 2021, 7:00 PM Eastern Time


How our Families Acquired Surnames in the Russian Empire


Speaker: Dr. Jeffrey Mark Paull


Have you have had an experience finding family members who should have the same surname but don’t? Have you found people with the same surname from the same small town who are not related to you?  We are accustomed to tracing family members using the surnames we find in documents created in the last century and make assumptions about the sharing of these surnames to determine relationships.  But Dr. Jeffrey Paull will show you why there are times you may need to shake off those assumptions.


Join us for a deep dive into the history of surname adoption in the Russian Empire and its effect on current genealogical research. Dr. Paull will remind us that the Russian Empire at the time of surname adoption was vast and included many now-independent countries that were home to the ancestors of the majority of our Ashkenazi ancestors.  He will discuss naming patterns, the origins and meanings of many surnames, and the challenges posed to genealogical research.


Dr. Jeffrey Mark Paull was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA.  His career as an environmental toxicologist and scientific expert in the field of occupational and environmental health spanned more than thirty years (1976–2008). Since that time, he has devoted himself to his twin passions for Jewish genealogical research and writing.  His first book, entitled: "A Noble Heritage: The History and Legacy of the Polonsky and Paull Family in America," traced his family’s ancestry over a millennium, and discovered their lost rabbinical heritage dating back to Rashi (1040–1105 CE).  It was featured on the PBS website, “Finding your Roots, with Henry Louis Gates, Jr.”  His second book, "The Shpoler Zeida – The Life, Legends, and Descendants of the Grandfather of Shpola," is scheduled for publication in summer of 2021.

He is active in the field of genetic genealogy and has conducted numerous pioneering autosomal and Y-DNA research studies which, with research colleagues, have identified the unique Y-DNA genetic signature of many of Eastern Europe’s most renowned rabbis and tzaddiks and Chassidic dynasties.  He has also published a Y-DNA research study on the patrilineal lineage of John Hart, the 13th Signer of the Declaration of Independence, and one of America's Founding Fathers.  He has presented talks on his Jewish genealogical research studies to many genealogical societies, and International Jewish genealogy conferences across the world.




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