Re: Why these two naturalization cards? #general


The short answer:  Since they are just two different cards indexing largely the exact same records, there is no real difference.  


The long answer:  


Both index cards are on US Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) forms, each a designated part of two separate processes within the same agency--one of which produced an index card for the court.  Those two projects/processes originally had no overlap.  But by 1941 had come to duplicate each other in many ways, and because the two different cards were being used by different people in different locations, they didn’t really see the duplication the way we can today.

The certificate of naturalization number points to the INS/USCIS Naturalization Certificate File (C-File)
The petition number points to the court naturalization record.

One difference:  the court's copy of this index card includes the Alien Registration Number, alerting the researcher to yet another record in USCIS custody.

Marian Smith

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