Two Sisters, two ship manifests, one name. #galicia

Itzhak Epstein

A family that I am researching had seven children. Among them were
Sara who was born in 1889 and Malka who was born in 1891.

They left Przemysl for New York in several groups. A ship manifest
shows that Malke, age 11, arrived on February 1, 1903 on La Lorraine
(the French Line) with her older sisters (ages 26 and 17), an 8 year old
niece, and a baby nephew. Another manifest shows that Malke, age 11,
arrived on June 28, 1904 on the Noordam (the Holland America Line)
with her mother and 9 year old sister. All family members are accounted
for in ship manifests except for Sara. The 1905 NYS census accounts for
the family that includes Sarah, 16, and Mollie, 14.

My tentative conclusion is that the family bought a half price ticket for
Malka, then in January 1903 they used it for her older sister Sara. Malka
herself then came to America in 1904, also as an 11 year old. Why,
however, could Sara not travel as an 11 year old under her own name?

How did shipping lines determine eligibility for a 12 or under half price
ticket? Were there documents that had to be provided in Galicia or upon

Itzhak Epstein
New York, NY

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