Re: Why was I told my mother's family were German Jews when they weren't? #austria-czech

Judy Kaufman <judykaufman7@...>

Thanks, everyone, for the very interesting stories and explanations.  It seems that Jews, I guess like any group, stereotype subgroups and find reasons to look down on the ones to which they don't belong, or to feel looked down upon.

In conversation with a first cousin, I learned that she was always told that our grandfather was Austrian, not German.  He was indeed from a town in the Austrian Empire.  So now I think that my mother turned her father, "Austrian Jew," into "German Jew" and elevated that above a Russian Jew, for reasons that were probably derived more from family dynamics than anything else.
Judy Kaufman
Irvine, CA

LEIDERMAN (Khashchuvatye)
WEINSTEIN (Sokolow-Malopolski)
RASKIN (Chernigor)

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