Searching Irene HOFFMAN WEINBERGER and Georg WEINBERGER from Znaim, CZ #austria-czech

Jack R. Stokvis

My family has come to a dead end in learning the fate of two family
members who stayed behind in Czechoslovakia. We followed numerous,
received much assistance >from the USHMM and Prague Jewish Museum,
JewishGen and other sources, but have come to a dead end.

Here is what we know: The two individuals are Irene HOFFMAN WEINBERGER
(born 13 Apr 1889 in Budapest, Hungary) and her young son, Georg
WEINBERGER (born 22 Jan 1929 in Vienna, Austria) They lived prewar in
Znaim, Czechoslovakia (today Znojmo, Czech Republic.) Although many
family members escaped, Irene and Georg stayed in Czechoslovakia at
first with her boyfriend, a Czech soldier (unknown name.)

The USHMM, the Terezin Imitative researched their data cards that came
from the Federation of Jewish Communities in Prague. The registration
numbers were 44621 and 44613 with date 11 December 1941 are stamped
"Abg=D6=B3=E2=82=AAngig" meaning that they went into hiding, or wouldn't
answer the call to report to a transport.

Our last lead was >from GerSig@Jewishgen and learned that Georg had
survived as he had received Austrian compensation. We just sent an email
to the Austrian archive to learn more. We now nothing about the fate of
his mother. Any new leads or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A cousin has applied for two Stolpersteines in front of their house on
Wilson Street (today Rudoleckeho) Znojmo to honor them.
This is where our research ends and we need advice, sources to follow
further and learn and hopefully learn what happened. Thank you.
Jack R. Stokvis, Haworth, NJ USA

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