Re: Article of Interest on DNA Testing #dna

Jx. Gx.

One of the key takeaways from this article is the following:

"Is genetic information protected?

In some places (like the European Union), genetic data is protected as personal information. In others (like the US) it's a different story. In America, protections are strong for DNA if it's submitted to a doctor, but non-existent if it's posted off to a commercial genealogy website."

The lure of possibly uncovering some morsel of family history blinds many people to the potential dangers of giving away one's DNA.  Many years ago I railed against giving out one's Social Security number on applications that had no business asking for that data. People I spoke to at the time seemed to think I was paranoid.  Now we see how SSNs can be used to steal one's identity.  I don't trust any company that makes big promises to protect your DNA,  For the right price they will turn on that promise. 

Jeffrey Gee
Arizona, USA

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