The Alter Rebbe Schneur Zalman BORUCHOVITCH of Liadi, founder of Chabad #belarus #latvia #rabbinic #russia

Hilary Osofsky

I'm helping my son-in-law search for a descendant of the Alter Rebbe Schneur Zalman BORUCHOVITCH of Liadi, founder of Chabad (1745-1813). The unindexed, partial genealogies that are online are, not surprisingly, somewhat inconsistent. I'm hoping someone can refer me to an index to the names of his descendants, otherwise to a reliable, complete genealogy that is in English and online.

In that regard, the name for which I'm searching is Rabbi Moses (Michel) BOVSHEVER (variations include BOWSCHEVER and BOWCHEVER), of Liadi, whose wife was Chaya (Charlotta) EDEL (or bat Edel). They were my s-i-l's third great-grandparents.

Based on the approximate dates of birth of the first three children in the list below, 1859-1869, I'm guestimating that Rabbi Moses was born in Liadi c. 1834-1841.

Separately, although I'm only in the beginning stages of research, I would be happy to assist other descendants of  Chaya and Rabbi Moses Bovshever, but they should contact me privately.

Their known children were Samuel, Genesha, Mendel, Siskind, Eleazer, Joseph, Abraham, and David.  

Some family members moved from Liadi (also known as Ljady, now Lyady, Belarus) to Riga and Libau, Latvia, others to Moscow.  

The names of female descendants include VELIKOVSKY and KONOVICH, 

I greatly appreciate any help that can be provided.

Thank you.

Hilary Osofsky

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