Re: What happened on 7 March 1612 in Poznan? Mass death of Jews #poland #general

Krzysztof Witaszek

Hello Gerson

First question: What the records  really say?

How did you figure out from them that there must have been a mass execution of Jews on 7 March 1612 in Poznan”.

Aren’t there any other possible causes for sudden death of many? ( fires, accidents, plaques)

I don;t know what the cause was, but for example in 1613 there was a fire that destroyed the Jewish quarter in Poznan.

When you write „in Poland, on very ripe ground for anti-Jewish sentiment”

the words of Moses Isserles ( XVIc Rabbi of Cracow), come to mind:

If God had not given the Jews Poland as a refuge, Israel's fate would have been unbearable indeed”.

And why the Poland was called at that time “Paradise of the Jews”?

And Chmielnicki’s uprising? – that was a completely different story.

Let's try to seek the truth about the past, instead of building  fantasies out of stereotypes.

Krzysztof Witaszek


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