Searching Altura(e) family - Brody, Vienna, Poland #galicia

Diane S. Climo <cldl@...>

In my research, I frequently come across my family name, Altura (e),
hyphenated with another word - Ostiller. I assumed it was another
surname (by marriage?) or something like that. Recently, however, I
came across the family name in several directories on the Genealogy
Indexer (Podkarpacka Digital Library) that are confusing. I began to
think that perhaps the word means some kind of profession/work or
other designation. I am asking for help and if possible, a translation of
the following Hungarian listing:

1. Osztiller Ozlasne (accent over the a and e) ozv. Sapka-keszito
(Alture Gy.) VI. Lazar-u 11 Budapest Telephone Directory

2. 1907/1908 Budapest Address and Business Directory:
Alture Osziller Oszkar, sapkakesz., VI, kiraly-us 16.

Any help will be appreciated.

Diane Climo
Lincoln, MA
JG Researcher #524812

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